Healthy gutters need proper downspouts


Brant Cheikes, in South Deerfield, MA, found Gutter Helmet on the Internet. He decided to have Gutter Helmet installed at his home. He liked the product quality and wanted to reduce home maintenance. Another important factor was local service, according to Mr Cheikes. But he didn’t know he had a problem with his downspouts.
He contacted R.G. Penfield & Sons through the Gutter Helmet website, and Greg Wallace set up a visit to inspect his existing gutters. They were only two years old and in excellent shape to receive the Gutter Helmet product.
He had six inch gutters everywhere. However, there was a problem with the garage downspouts. Instead of 3×4-inch downspouts, like the ones on the house, the downspouts were 2×3-inch and not adequate to manage the anticipated volume of water from a heavy rainfall.
“In order for Gutter Helmet to work,” explained Wallace, “the gutter system must not only be sound, but seamless and properly installed and mounted to the building fascia or roof straps.”
“So, as part of the project, we removed the smaller downspouts and installed 3×4-inch downspouts on the garage,” said Wallace. “This is also critical to the Gutter Helmet lifetime warranty.”
By meeting all of these requirements Brant should have maintenance-free gutters for years to come, with only the occasional washing of the nose surface on Gutter Helmet – which can be done from the ground without a ladder.
We completed the work on October 30, 2017.
Brant was pleased that all work was completed on time and done to his satisfaction. He said: “Sales rep from RG Penfield was very responsive and helpful. Fully explained product. Discussed installation procedure and options carefully. Helped me select a color, and gave me a quote on the spot. On day of installation, team was professional and got the job done right without supervision. Product looks great! Looking forward to no longer spending time and money cleaning my gutters!”
Thank you Brant for our rating! Very Satisfied ★★★★★